Friday, March 2, 2012

March's Guerrilla Queer Bar

Dearest queers, queer-lovers, and all those beautifully-in-between,
Spring in brewing in our fair city and that can mean only one
spectacular place to have this months Guerrilla Queer Bar. That's
right this month we are going to make it special. We are going to make
it epic. We are going to make it...


wait for it...


I said WAIT FOR IT...

oh yeah...

that's right...

Guerrilla Queer Bockfest! That's right, kiddos, Guerrilla Queer Bar is
infiltrating Bockfest, which was kind enough to plan events for the
first Friday of March!
Bockfest, as you hopefully know, is a celebration of beer and the
coming of spring. And who doesn't like it when spring comes? Or when
other people do? Heeeey...

For the "traditional" infiltrate a bar and get happy portion of the
night we will be hitting Mr. Pitiful's, which is located at 1323 Main

Bockfest comes with a parade! And you know how queers love a good
parade. So we'll be meeting for the parade outside of Mr. Pitiful's,
which is conveniently on the parade route. Come cheer on goats, monks,
beer, cyclists, crazy folks and, oh yeah, the Sausage Queen finalists.
For real. It's going to be amazing. But, be careful. The parade starts
at 6! So come early, stay late, and keep on being your fabulous

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