Thursday, April 30, 2009


Hello Beautifuls--

The time has come! The waiting is over! The May Cincinnati Guerrilla Queer Bar as arrived!

But where will it be?????? What will be the lucky institution to be infused with queer glory tonight???????

(drum roll please....)

THE PAVILION (949 Pavilion St. Mt. Adams)


Now I know many of you may be groaning-- having had your fair share of negative Pavilion experiences-- but put them aside! This will be a night of queer-dance-debauchery to be remembered! Where else needs to be queered up more than Mt. Adams? And where else in Mt. Adams could use a dose of queering than the Pavilion?


Here's the Deal:

1. If you're short on cash, get there early. It's free to get in before 10pm (and it's nice to beat the line). So get there at 9 (and if you're someone who's always late, say you're going to be there at 8!). I know some of you don't think fun starts before midnight-- but just think, the earlier you go out, the more time to have fun, the higher your chances to find someone (or someones) to take home, and the more time to have fun with them at home and still get to bed before 7 am! After 10pm the cover is 5 bucks (lame).

2. We'll be congregating on the SECOND FLOOR. Look out for the purple GQB bandannas (and if you haven't gotten one yet, we'll have more-- they're only $5).

3. Pavilion is 21+ (but they're also a restaurant and serve food until 11 pm.) :)

4. Parking/driving in Mt. Adams sucks. We recommend the #1 bus (which you can catch easily in Government Square) or if you're a UC student (or could pass as one, they don't usually check IDs) hop on the "Greater Cincinnati Route Shuttle UC Shuttle" which runs until 2:30 and connects Mt. Adams, Newport, Downtown, and Clifton. For more info go to or . Or take a taxi, drive, bike, or skip.

5. When the clock strikes midnight, the Pavilion's dance floor will turn into a queer kiss-in. However you want to interpret that, go for it. If you want to bring someone to kiss, find someone to kiss, kiss yourself, hug someone, kiss a whole bunch of people, recite a poem about what kissing means to you, kiss your best friend, whatever. 12:00 am = kissin' time


Okay lovelies, that's it.
Now it's up to you.
Call all your friends.
Get them out to the Pavilion.
Let's bring some beautiful queerness to this city and show Mt. Adams a good time!


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Sunday, April 5, 2009


Hello Beautifuls,

Cincinnati got a whole lot queer-er this weekend.
(And by that I mean, a whole lot more wonderful...)

Sully's was marvelous-- a sports bar transformed by 150 fantastic queers into a gender-bending, dance-filled, queer-love haven. It was possibly one of the cheapest nights for queers as well-- no cover, two dollar drinks, a VIP room, and penny drinks for ladies. I spent much of my night interacting with Sully's normal Friday night patrons. Discussing queer-ness in the bathroom with groups of women (he he) and telling guys that slapped my ass and told me to dance more on the bar that they should talk to Sully's about their sexually objectifying policies. Check out for more of a play by play. Next month is already in the works so get ready!

Check out "Stuff Queer People Need to Know" for some pictures of the Kiss-In. It was as if a force-field of queerness was surrounding the 20 or so of us as we kissed next to the fountain. Everything felt so safe and loving-- all of us able to show our affection freely.

Please post your experiences and stories! Get your voices heard!

We're making waves, one awesome party at a time.

lots of love,


Thursday, April 2, 2009


Hello Queer Cincinnati!

This is the moment we've all been waiting for...

What bar will Cincinnati Guerrilla Queer Bar transform into queer-love-dance-land next? Where will we express our identities, loves, and desires while interacting with an unaccustomed public?

drum roll please........................

SULLY'S! 700 Race Street (on the corner of Race and 7th)

I know some of you may be groaning...a little wary of venturing to a sports bar mecca of our city...but I beg you, leave your bias behind and get your cute butt to Sully's on Friday night because this shit is gonna be b.a.n.a.n.a.s.

Listen to these deals we've got going:
1. Tell the people at the door you're with Guerrilla Queer Bar and you'll get in FREE.
2. We will have the VIP room to gather in. Just ask someone to point you in the right direction. The VIP room opens at 9 and has it's own private bar. I've heard the bartender is a cutey.
3. If you get there before 9, your first drink is free.
4. If you say you're part of GQB, you'll get a wrist band that will get you 2 DOLLAR DRINKS between 9 and 11.
5. The DJ starts spinning at 9.
6. From 11-12, it's LADY'S NIGHT, and any "lady" will receive PENNY DRINKS. For serious. Pennies. We'll have to see how broadly they define "lady".

In honor of "lady's night" and Kate Bornstein's inspiring appearance during Xavier's Queer Week:

April's Guerrilla Queer Bar will be.... GENDER-FUCKed!

Break out of your gender box for even just one night! Whatever your comfort level--put on a mustache, get out your sequins, or add a little swagger to that walk! One rule-- have fun and don't be mean! Come in your get up, or put it on in the potty! Boys being girls can use "lady's night" to buy penny drinks for girls being boys! Throw those inhibitions out for a night and explore a new identity! Or--of course-- come as you are, everyone is always welcome!

Let's give Sully's a night to remember!


Forward this message to all your friends. Bring your camera. Get there early to enjoy the drink specials. This is going to be the cheapest night of your life. Drink responsibly. Flirt with cute queers. Mingle with other Sully's patrons. Dance the night away. Show Cincinnati the beauty, strength, and vitality of our Queer community!




there are some wonderful queer events coming up:

1. Same-Sex Kiss-in on Fountain Square-- Saturday the 4th!

2. On Monday, April 6th, Matthew Shepard's mother, Judy will be speaking at UC!

3. There will be a rally at UC on Tuesday to advocate for a full-time LGBTQ staff person!

4. April 18th is the GLSEN PROM at the CAC!

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