Friday, November 5, 2010

Here We Go!

Dearest Cincinnati Queers and Queer-Lovers,

CGQB is here! TONIGHT, Friday November 5th, we will transform a lucky straight bar into a sexy land of queer love! Election got you down? Come dance it out and start November off right!

But which Cincinnati straight bar is next you say?

* (drum roll please)

126 W 6th Street (between Race and Elm)

Enter through the side door and say you're with CGQB to get in free!


Thursday, September 30, 2010


Dearest Queers and Queer lovers,

October is upon us and Cincinnati Guerrilla Queer Bar is here! Get ready for a glorious night of queer-dance-love-fantastic.

Tomorrow night also brings the 1st Annual Pride Night at the Great American Ball Park and the kick off night for Northern Kentucky's 1st Annual Pride Weekend! The October CGQB will be DOWNTOWN so that people can easily have their cake and eat it too. CGQB challenges you to attend ALL the lovely events queer Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky has to offer!

But what's that you say? Which supposedly "straight" bar will we be setting a blaze with queer love on Friday night?


580 6th Street (corner of 6th and Walnut)

Tell the bouncer you're there with Guerrilla Queer Bar and GET IN FREE! Yup, that's right, zero dollars.

Come early, come after the game, come with a date, come on your own, come with the whole family, come multiple times, come on my... oh wait, sorry, that's awkward.

Come out to Bartinis and talk with some people who may have never experienced the beauty of queer love!


Thursday, August 5, 2010

Here We Go!

Dearest Cincinnati Queers and Queer-Lovers,

CGQB is here! Tomorrow night, Friday April 6th, we are pleased to bring you a special edition of Cincinnati Guerrilla Queer Bar:


Yup that's right, we're going to be getting down, dirty, hot, bothered, and away from it all-- all at once. But where will this madness take place?

* (drum roll please)

the one and the only:
860 Elm Street (Rt. 8) Ludlow, KY

We know some of you may be saying, "what! a yacht club!? but i'm scared to go to a place that has 'redneck yacht club' for their myspace song!"
Here's what we've got to say to that:
1. We are too.
2. Who cares!? That's what CGQB is all about! Strength in numbers! Let's go have a good time by the river and spread some queer-dance-love-fantastic!

We also know some of you may be saying, "but that's far away!"
and here's what we've got to say to that:
1. If you've ever made the trek out to Adonis, stop your complaining! This is closer to downtown.
2. Stop your complaining in general! Get creative-- car pool, find a designated driver, convince your cousin to drive you there and find a ride home, bring the whole family and make an evening out of it!

We've heard that sunsets on the patio overlooking the river are beautiful and that the Yacht Club serves some delicious food, so come on out early for some queer-staycation-dinner!

Call all your friends, make it a date, and get ready for some good ol' queer-lovin'.


PS. Remember-- strength in numbers! If you think you see a lonely queer walking around by themselves, say hi and make a friend!

PPS. 18 + for sure if you come early.

PPPS. You can arrive BY BOAT!! What!?

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Here We Go Again!

Dearest cinci-queers, queer-lovers, and eveyone in between,


We've got a special edition of CGQB planned to help you kick off your p-r-i-d-e weekend:

Tomorrow night, Friday, July 2nd, we will be infusing yet another bar with a big dose of queer-dance-love-fantastic?

But which bar will it be?
GRAMMER'S BAR (1440 Walnut St)

As some of you may know, Grammer's is already on the pride-equinox bar crawl route so it won't necessarily be lacking in queerness, but instead of adding yet another thing to compete with this weekend's events, we've decided to mix things up as they are.

Here's what you can expect:
1. No cover
2. Tons of cuties
3. Lots o' drink specials
4. Hot dancing
5. Yummy bar food (funnel cake and more...)
6. And for all those who feel like Cincinnati's Pride Celebration isn't speaking to you and your community, we will have people with audio recorders circulating throughout the night recording conversations with people about their criticisms of this and past years' prides. After the party, we'll make a sound collage of the conversations and submit it to next year's pride planning committee!
7. a crazy fun photo-both
8. and last but not least, the CGQB kissing booth!

So come on out-- even if this Pride Weekend isn't really your thing! It's going to be a crazy night!

Check out the event page:!/event.php?eid=122591164451229&ref=ts


Thursday, June 3, 2010


Hello Queers and Queer lovers,

Get excited for something a little different this month!

We are ever so proud to introduce:

*the queerest, most amazing party ever*

Instead of going to a straight bar this month, we are going to celebrate National Pride Month by exploring our own EXTRA-CRAZY-QUEER sides. This is a night to be edgy, experimental, and outrageous. This time, we challenge our own perceptions of what it means to be queer in Cincinnati!!!! As always, ladies and gentlemen, it's FREE!!!!!!! (18+ admitted! 21+ to drink)

And where are we going to have this celebration, you ask? Where are we going to indulge in this crazy-queer fun? Where are we going to exercise our freak in the most outrageous way possible? WELL, luckily, we found just the location. The FIRST EVER QUEER BALL will take place at...





Those who know The Mockbee know that it's one of Cincinnati's most UNBELIEVABLY AWESOME spaces. This retired factory has been transformed into a giant venue for Cincinnati's underground events. It's gritty, industrial, and absolutely gorgeous.

There will be live entertainment, hours of dancing, and some sexy surprises... so my dear queers and friends-of-queers... See you on Friday!!!

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Streetview of The Mockbee:

link to Facebook Event:


Thursday, May 6, 2010

Here We Go May!

May's CINCINNATI GUERRILLA QUEER BAR is here and we've got an extra special night planned for you...

This edition of CGQB is in collaboration with University of Cincinnati Pride Week!

We know some of you maybe be thinking:
I can't even remember college anymore-- why would I want to go to an event co-planned by queer-folk at the University of Cincinnati!?
Here are a couple of answers:
1. Isn't "going out" all about harnessing your inner-21 year old anyways?
2. Let's support University of Cincinnati students in spreading some all inclusive love!
3. It's going to be ridiculously fun, hot, and super cheap.


Here are all the sexy details:

May's CGQB will be happening at....

(drum roll please)

THE HOLY GRAIL -- 13 W. Charlton Street
(near Jefferson, right next to UC campus)

Yup, it's time to be however you want to be with whoever you want to be with. NO COVER, karaoke on one of the levels, and tons of cute queers. Come!

Drink Specials:
$ 3.00 grape bombs
$ 4 Jager bombs
$ 3.50 Long Islands

we've got a special treat for you:

Before you head over to the Holy Grail,
go to the GenderBloc GenderF*ck Drag Show at 9 p.m. in the Catskeller on the first floor of Tangeman University Center at the University of Cincinnati!

Here is a map of UC's campus:;
and here's the Facebook event:

it's going to be a night to remember!


Thursday, April 1, 2010

Tonight's the Night!

Dearest Cincinnati Queers and Queer-lovers,

April's Guerrilla Queer Bar has arrived--on Good Friday, no less--so, it's time to dust off your rosaries! This month's theme:
"Bad Friday: Eat Meat...and Fish."

Now, for all the sexy details:

We're taking over O'BRYONVILLE! It's a quaint little neighborhood south of Hyde Park just waiting to be sprinkled with our queer-tastic fairy dust.

The night will begin at Balboa's (2038 Madison Road). "Strong Islands" are $5, domestic bottles are $2.50 and Bud and Miller Light drafts are $2.50. Rainbow Jell-O shots will be $2. Balboa's' kitchen will be open until 11:30 for those of you coming with both a thirst and hunger for some grub. You can arrive as early as 8:00 p.m. for dinner or snacks.
Balboa's is also letting CGQB handle the music, so expect a good variety of gay favorites, hip-hop and danceable beats.

Around 12:30, we will parade down Madison Rd. to O'bryon's Irish Pub (1998 Madison Rd.). O'bryon's is in serious need of some queer magic. Let's make this month's CGQB a magical and memorable experience for O'bryon's and its regulars.

Following these bar takeovers, there will be a HARDCORE AFTER-PARTY at the home of Michael Koop, Deontre Martin, Jarvis Taylor and Jason Boeckman ("Friend request" them on Facebook; they want to be your friend).

Their address:
3024 Cohoon Street
Cincinnati, OH 45208

Their house sits right next to O'bryonville's public parking lot. Park in this lot at the beginning of the evening. Cars may remain overnight. O'bryonville may advertise a cost to park in this lot, but in the year Mike, D., J.D. and Jason have lived there, no one has ever monitored this parking lot.

The after-party will include beautiful people, plenty drinking and music courtesy two Indianapolis DJs. Some mixers will be on hand, but if you plan to attend this after-party, please bring drinks at the beginning of the evening to cool in the refrigerator or freezer. The house will be open and a roommate will be there to welcome you. The party will go as late as you can last.

This is going to be the Cincinnati Guerrilla Queer Bar of the century! Be there, or Jesus will hate you.


ps. Also! GLSEN, the glorious, is having their annual PROM on April 24th! Here are some lovely details:
- April 24, 7pm-midnight at the CAC downtown
- Advanced tickets = $50 21+, $10 under 21 & students
- GLSEN is celebrating 15 years serving the Cincinnati area and 10 years holding gay prom

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Tomorrow Night!

Dearest Queers and Lovers of Queers,

As you all know, tomorrow, Friday, March 5th, is the one year anniversary of CGQB! Hurray!
But where will this monumentous event occur? What bar will we be infusing with queer-splendor?


To celebrate our first year of existence, we will be returning to our birth place, the ever-infamous...
LODGE BAR! (35 East 7th Street)

We'll gather around 9pm, so get there early to avoid the lines. Say you're with CGQB at the door and GET IN FOR FREE!!


To celebrate the beautiful-decor of this establishment, the anniversary will be a special "HUNTING FOR LOVE" theme. Break out all your flannel, camouflage, and hunting orange. Extra CGQB points if you come dressed up as an animal ready to be "hunted" :).

Get excited, call all your friends, and get plenty of beauty sleep.
See you all tomorrow night!


ps. CGQB got some nice press this morning:

Check the article out and leave a queer-positive comment or two!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Tonight's the Night!

Dearest Queer Lovelies and Lovers--

The first Friday is upon us!
It's time for everyone's favorite Queen City Queer Party!
Get ready to transform a straight bar into a glorious land of queer brilliance for one night!


Tonight -- FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 5TH -- marks our 11 th CGQB, so lets make our presence known!! Bring your beautiful self, bring your friends, bring your brother, bring your sister, bring all the queers and queer-lovin’ lovers you know!

But what bar are with gracing with our fantastic queerness????
Are you ready for the big reveal!?!?


MOLLY MALONE’S (112 E. Fourth St. | Covington KY 41011)

What you can expect:
1. All your favorite queers packed into this fantastic Northern Kentucky bar from 9pm on!
2. No cover!
3. Deliciously cheap CGQB drink specials!
4. The hottest queer dance party in town dj-d by our very own DJ Gaze-x.

What you should do:
1. Get overwhelmed with excitement
2. Call everyone you know and make it a date
3. WEAR SOMETHING GREEN! (it's how we'll spot our fellow CGQB-ers)
4. Get some beauty sleep because you're going to need all the energy you can get

see you tonight <3


ps. Next month is CGQB's FIRST BIRTHDAY! Get ready for a Guerrilla Queering for the history books...

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Here We Go!

Dearest Queer Snow Bunnies--

The snow may be coming down, but the queers are getting ready to heat things up in Cincinnati! The streets will be clear by tomorrow night, so come one and all to January's CINCINNATI GUERRILLA QUEER BAR!!!!


CGQB is predicting a gloriously queer new decade. In honor of this, we are throwing a "YEAR OF THE UNICORN" party. It will be a queer party to end all queer parties, but at a straight bar interacting with a whole lot of "straight" folks (whatever that means).

When: TOMORROW-- Friday, January 8th. Queers will probably begin to show up around 9pm

Where: MAY DAY (4227 Spring Grove Ave. -- )

I know some of you may be thinking, what? Northside? Northside's the queerest we get in Cincinnati! Why have CGQB in Northside? Well, here's our reasoning: 

1. There's still plenty of pressure to suppress your queerness in Northside and Queer Bar is here to join that fight. 
2. EVERY bar could use a CGQB. 
3. May Day is really cool. 
4. We want to throw a kick-tushie party for you!


What to expect: No cover and deliciously cheap queer bar drink specials! Filling a fun two level bar to the brim with fantastic queers and queer-lovers. Showing Cincinnati the glorious variety of its queer community. Three awesome bands playing in one of the rooms: The Portions, The Signals, and Rocket 0000. DJ Gaze-x spinning fierce dance-until-the-snow-melts beats from 12:30-2:30. Playing special game with cuties brought to you by CGQB. 

And the time of your life. 


Tell all your friends, make it a date or come FIND a date(s), and Happy Queer Year!


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Dearest Queers and Queer-lovers,

Now that you've had a chance to recover from New Years, it's time to get 2010 going right with some Cincinnati Guerrilla Queer Bar fantasticness. This Friday, JANUARY 8th!, we will once again shower Cincinnati with the beautiful variety of our hot queerselves!


Get your beauty sleep because we've got a party for the record books in the works:Meet cute queers. Win prizes. Play games. Drink for cheap. Show some unsuspecting straight bar patrons the awesomeness of queer-life. Dance-dance-dance until we heat this city up so hot that all this *bleeping* snow turns into steam.
Make it a date! Call all your friends! Look out for the message with all the sexy details on Thursday night!