Thursday, December 3, 2009

Here We Go Again!

Dearest Cincinnati Queers and Queer-Lovers--

Yet another Cincinnati Guerrilla Queer Bar is upon us! Tomorrow night, FRIDAY DECEMBER 4th, CGQB will launch its next queer explosion!

We've already transformed establishments like the Lodge Bar, Blackfinn, Cadillac Ranch, and Millions into deliciously queer-inclusive and sexy spaces. Where will CGQB go next? What lucky bar will get a good dose of queer-dance-love-fantastic?

(drum roll please)
MAC'S (205 West McMillan Street)

Yup, that's right, it's time for Clifton Heights to get queerified.

Here's the deal:
1. CGQB will be arriving in force starting around 9pm.
2. All your favorite cute and fantastic queers will be there.
3. Park on the street or in the lot behind the bar.
4. No cover
5. QUEER DRINK SPECIALS!!!! Try a "Queerilicious" or a "Queer Screw"! Both just $3.
6. Live queer-music (who knows what that means?) interspersed with the DJ skills of the one and only Ken Doll. Expect nothing but the best.

Call all your friends. Make it a date. Show Cincinnati the beauty of our fantastically diverse queer community in all its celebratory greatness!!

♥ and kisses,

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Get Excited!

Hello Beauteous Queers,

Cincinnati Guerrilla Queer Bar is getting ready to unleash some queer-dance-love on Cincinnati yet again! THIS FRIDAY (December 4th) will be a night not to be missed!


Some things to look forward to with so much anticipation that your panties will no doubt be getting in quite a bunch:

1. Tons of cute queers of every shape, size, color, gender, and sex celebrating their fantastic queerness.
2. No cover.
3. Yummy queer drink specials.
4. Dancing like it's your job.
5. The transformation of a normally "straight" and narrow bar into a glorious and queerly open establishment.
6. Tons of cute queers.

Tell all your friends! Make it a date! Get your beauty sleep!

See you Friday.

with oodles of queer-love

PS. Don't forget to check your inbox Friday morning for the location!!!!

Monday, November 9, 2009


Dearest Queers--

Thank you to all those who came out and made their presence felt at MLTs and Millions on Friday. The bars were packed and the atmosphere was intense. Oodles of sexy-queer-fun was had in the face homophobic bouncers and large numbers of bar patrons who had never been around a group of queer people before.

Missed to fun? Can't wait until next month's CGQB on Friday, December 4th?

Have no fear! There are plenty of queer-tastic events to keep you busy:

1. ARE YOU LISTENING?! is tomorrow:

A day of silent protest against hatred and inaction at the University of Cincinnati on November 10th.
for more information see: or email

2. Super-Fun Queer Speed-Dating at Hamburger Mary's November 13th (Friday).
for more information see:

3. We Demand Equality on Monday, November 16th at Xavier's Gallagher Student Center.
for more information see:

4. Stop Aids is throwing an entirely FREE and fantastic party to kick off ticket sales for their December 5th Gala, "Design in the Sky II". Free food and drinksies! For more information and to RSVP see:


Thursday, November 5, 2009


Dearest Queers-

The night has finally come! November's Cincinnati Guerrilla Queer Bar has arrived! Tomorrow, Friday November 6th, CGQB will infuse Cincinnati with some good ol' sexy queer fun!


But what's the lucky establishment? Which bar will be transformed into a world of sexual possibilities, multiple gender expressions, and fantastic interaction for one night?
* (drum roll)

November CGQB =Mt. Lookout Madness:

(3209 and 3212 Linwood Ave. Directly across the street from one another)

Two bars, Twice the queering!

Here's the Plan:

1. Start at MT. LOOKOUT TAVERN!!!!

Come before 10 pm and the cover is FREE. After 10pm, tell the bouncer you're with Guerrilla Queer Bar and the night is 2 for 1-- BOTH bars and TWO people for ONE cover price of 5 dollars. That's right, only 2.50 per person for both bars. Come with a friend, partner, or one-night-fling and split the cover charge. If you come alone, find a cute queer in line and get in for the price of one!

2. At 11:30 CGQB will travel EN MASSE across the street to MILLIONS!!!!

Millions+dj+dance floor+stripper polls (for serious)+a whole lot of cute queers= fantastic. Look out for the people with CGQB t-shirts to know when it's time to make the journey!


Don't let Maine get you down! Call all your friends, put on your favorite hot pants-skirt, and get ready to show Cincinnati some queer-dance-love-fantastic!



PS. As many of you know, MLTs and Millions don't necessary have the most queer-friendly or feminist reputation. If anything negative occurs with the establishment or patrons, please let someone with a CGQB t-shirt know and we'll deal with it accordingly!

PPS. If that wasn't enough queer fantasticness, there are tons of important events for the queerly minded over the next couple of weeks!

1. ARE YOU LISTENING?! - A day of silent protest against hatred and inaction at the University of Cincinnati on November 10th.

for more information see: or email

2. Super-Fun Queer Speed-Dating at Hamburger Mary's November 13th sponsored by the UC Alliance!

RSVP to by the 10th and get only $5 Cover! ($10 at the door, same day) All proceeds go to supporting UC Alliance and future queer activism and youth events.

3. Stop Aids Pre-Gala Kick Off Party!

Stop Aids is throwing an entirely FREE and fantastic party to kick off ticket sales for their December 5th Gala, "Design in the Sky II". Free food and drinksies! For more information and to RSVP see:

Monday, November 2, 2009

Ready, Set, QUEER!!!

Dearest Cinciqueers--

We hope you had a gloriously queer and deliciously irreverent Halloween. Rest well this week, because THIS FRIDAY brings you some even MORE fantastic queer revelry. That's right-- Friday, November 6th, Cincinnati Guerrilla Queer Bar will strike again! Mark your calenders, clear the whole night (and probably the next morning), and call all your friends. Make sure to check your inboxes Friday morning for the top secret location!


ps. For the spring chickens (under 21ers) among us-- CGQB ♥ 's you. You are beautiful, lovely, super-duper-queer, and we always want to include you in our Guerrilla Queerings, but there's a chance that the location for Friday night will be hard to swing for the young-ones among us (although there's no hurt in trying!). If anyone closer to the sunrise-of-life wants to organize their own under-21 guerrilla queering, let us know and we'll announce it along with the rest!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Whoops. :(

Dearest CGQB List-Serve,

Sadly, due to some unforeseeable internet-ridiculousness, the announcement for last night's Cincinnati Guerrilla Queer Bar was only sent out over the facebook group. Gasp! Horror! Sigh. Tear.
Hopefully most of you heard that we were doing a Clifton queering at ARLIN'S from the queer-grape-vine and were able to make it out. If you relied on this email and missed the fun, please please please accept our apologies.
See you next month!



Hello Dearest Queers--

The time is here! The air is crisp. Scarves (and people) are finding their way out of the closet. Cutie queers are snuggling up all across the Queen City.

But most importantly, Cincinnati is on the verge of yet another glorious injection of queer-love-dance-fantastic!
That's right...
Cincinnati Guerrilla Queer Bar is BACK IN SESSION!!!


For the past 7 months, CGQB has been queering up downtown Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. The city will never be the same! Now it's time to start bringing all the splendid shades of queerness to Cincinnati's neighborhoods!

University of Cincinnati isn't known as an especially queer friendly institution, so in honor of the beginning of the Fall Quarter, Cincinnati Guerrilla Queer Bar will be venturing to Clifton for a special "Queer Bar is Back In Session" edition!

But which bar will have the privilege of CGQB's presence????

ARLIN'S (307 Ludlow Ave)

That's right, tonight, Friday, October 2nd, ARLIN'S will be transformed into a land of queer-fantastic.


We've got an extra raucously-sexy and subtly-political CGQB in store. You won't even know what to do with the amount of queer-revelry happening!

This Queer Bar will be dj-d by Project Mill's ultimately sexy Super Mandy, William Rich, and Joshua Maddie, all of Dance MF fame.

Just think of it-- a straight bar, filled with cute queers and GOOD music! What!?


So here's what you can do: Call all your friends. Get mentally and emotionally prepared for having a ridiculously good-sexy time. Make it a night.

See you soon beautifuls,


ps. If you're looking for some new garments to sexify your queer bar experience (while raising money for NKY Pride!), stop by the Fashion It Forward event before you head over to Arlins:

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Get Involved!

Hello Cincinnati Queers!

Want to get more involved in making Cincinnati Guerrilla Queer Bar decisions? Want to be part of the ridiculously fun process that IS setting up GQB? Want to have your queer voice heard?

Come to the super awesome CGQB planning session at Iris Book Cafe (1331 Main Street) on Thursday, September 17th at 8pm!

Everyone is welcome. Tell your friends.


Thursday, September 3, 2009

September 4th CGQB!!!!!

Dearest Queers--

It's that time again beautifuls, the first Friday has finally arrived. Get out your hot pants, sequins, and paste-on-mustache. Practice your favorite pick up lines. Get ready to party with a purpose!

While fall may be knocking on the door, 200+ Cincinnati queer-cuties will be making the hotness last by injecting some good ol' queer-love into the Queen City.

Where, you may ask? What's the lucky normally straight and all-too-narrow bar that will be transformed, for one night only, into queer-dance-love-fantastic?

can we get a drum-roll please...

On Friday, September 4th, at 9pm, CGQB will be queering:

BLACKFINN (19 East 7th Street)

When you come, tell the bouncer that you're part of GUERRILLA QUEER BAR, and you'll get in FOR FREE. Make your way through the first bar/dining area and come find your favorite queers (and meet some new ones) in the back room (no pun intended) where the club/dance area is. Blackfinn has a semi-loose "dress code". Call them at 513-721-3466 if you have concerns about your outfit, but remember, fabulously fierce is always appropriate.


Now it's up to you, oh Queer Cincinnati! Let's show our city the beauty that is Queer-Love (and have a sloppy-fun time in the process)!

Have no fear, Cincinnati Guerrilla Queer Bar is here!



Wednesday, July 1, 2009

CGQB-- JULY 3rd!!!!

Hello All You Beautiful Queers--

Hope you've been resting up because you've got a queer-packed Cincinnati weekend coming up!


FRIDAY the 3rd: JULY'S GUERRILLA QUEER BAR!!!! We don't want to give it all away, but you can expect something a little different and more queertastic and world-changing than ever! Look out for a facebook message Friday morning for all the sexy details.

SATURDAY the 4th: The glorious Cincinnati Equinox Festival on Fountain Square (a queer party in the center of the city! historic!) and the Equinox Ball at the Millennium Hotel ( -- check it out!). ALSO, there will be a surprise QUEERING of the Northside 4th of July Parade. For Serious. We'll divulge more details on Friday.


Mark your calenders, invite your date or dates, and get ready to infuse Cincinnati with the vibrant queerness it so desperately needs!



Wednesday, June 17, 2009

June Spreading the Love! 6/17/09!

Hello Beauteous Queers--

Three things!

1. CGQB's takeover of Cadillac Ranch was out-of-this-world-queer-fa
ntastic! For serious. If you haven't seen the "Two Boys, One Bull" video yet ( ), watch it now. It's just the tip of the iceberg for all the crazy, world-changing fun that was had.

2. CGQB hopes you all had a wonderfully sexy Pride!

3. Have no fear, the queer fun doesn't have to stop! THIS FRIDAY is CGQB's "Spreading the Love" event.

Never heard of the "Spreading the Love" events? Find out more below. If you're a seasoned "Spreading the Love" go-er, feel free to skip to find out where it is!


Every THIRD FRIDAY, the folks that bring you GQB put on another raucous night of fun at an under-utilized QUEER bar in Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky.

Last month's "Spreading the Love" was at the glorious Little Bit Bar with a night of cheap drinks, sexy bartenders, great people, a "live-missed-connections" game, and a FIRE performance (for serious).

"Why a queer bar? I thought GQB was about taking over straight bars", you might ask. "Spreading the Love" is about spreading our queer-love (and dollars) around the queer community while also getting a chance to know our fellow CGQB-ers a little more intimately ;).

Don't worry, we'll still be exploring the straight and narrow bars every FIRST Friday of the month. (which reminds me, GET READY FOR JULY 3rd!!!)

This month promises to be the best "Spreading the Love" yet!
Where will we be coming together in the name of queer-celebration?

(***drum roll please***)


901 Washington Ave
corner of 9th and Washington in NEWPORT, KY.


Those of you who have experienced or heard of the GLORY that is the Crazy Fox are probably jumping for joy right now. If you HAVEN'T had the privilege of going to this bar yet, start getting ready for a night of sexy-wonderful-fun this Friday.

We'll be getting there anytime around 9. There will be some sexy surprises. If you're feeling adventurous, they have ABSINTHE drink specials on Friday nights!

Mark your calenders now-- Friday the 17th, 9 pm, Queer-Fun-Time!


Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Time Has Come!

Dearest Queers--

Tonight is the night of all nights!
June's Guerrilla Queer Bar has finally arrived!

Get your cowboi/gurl boots out! Find your tight jeans and checkered shirts! Put on your ass-less chaps! Because the bar soon to be transformed into QUEER-DANCE-LOVE-FANTASTIC

(drum roll please)


38 Fountain Square Plaza-- across from the CAC


Yes, that's right folks. Our most ambitious bar yet. Call all your friends. Make plans to go together (safety in numbers). Cancel all conflicts. Show Cadillac Ranch the beauty that IS the Cincinnati Queer Community.


What to expect:

1. Tons of cute queers dancing and having fun.
2. A MECHANICAL BULL. (For serious).
3. NO COVER. When you get there, look for GQB people on the patio (you can spot them by their purple bandannas). They'll either give you a bracelet and let you in for free, or you can go to the regular door and say you're with Guerrilla Queer Bar and they'll give you a bracelet and let you in for free.
4. Super cheap drinks. ONE DOLLAR drafts on the patio and a THREE BUCK vodka and sprite drink all night.
5. Good music. Cadillac Ranch is bringing in DJ SPRYTE from LA for the night.
6. Did I mention tons of cute, nice, and interesting queers?


Remember! This GQB is "queer country western" themed. Dress to impress. We'll be convening on the patio and then making our way to the dance floor as the night wears on. Cadillac Ranch is expecting a busy night, so get there early so we have a presence from the beginning!

See you on the dance floor.


ps. Cadillac Ranch serves food until 9pm, so if you want to come early and stick around, I'm sure they wouldn't mind. :)

Thursday, April 30, 2009


Hello Beautifuls--

The time has come! The waiting is over! The May Cincinnati Guerrilla Queer Bar as arrived!

But where will it be?????? What will be the lucky institution to be infused with queer glory tonight???????

(drum roll please....)

THE PAVILION (949 Pavilion St. Mt. Adams)


Now I know many of you may be groaning-- having had your fair share of negative Pavilion experiences-- but put them aside! This will be a night of queer-dance-debauchery to be remembered! Where else needs to be queered up more than Mt. Adams? And where else in Mt. Adams could use a dose of queering than the Pavilion?


Here's the Deal:

1. If you're short on cash, get there early. It's free to get in before 10pm (and it's nice to beat the line). So get there at 9 (and if you're someone who's always late, say you're going to be there at 8!). I know some of you don't think fun starts before midnight-- but just think, the earlier you go out, the more time to have fun, the higher your chances to find someone (or someones) to take home, and the more time to have fun with them at home and still get to bed before 7 am! After 10pm the cover is 5 bucks (lame).

2. We'll be congregating on the SECOND FLOOR. Look out for the purple GQB bandannas (and if you haven't gotten one yet, we'll have more-- they're only $5).

3. Pavilion is 21+ (but they're also a restaurant and serve food until 11 pm.) :)

4. Parking/driving in Mt. Adams sucks. We recommend the #1 bus (which you can catch easily in Government Square) or if you're a UC student (or could pass as one, they don't usually check IDs) hop on the "Greater Cincinnati Route Shuttle UC Shuttle" which runs until 2:30 and connects Mt. Adams, Newport, Downtown, and Clifton. For more info go to or . Or take a taxi, drive, bike, or skip.

5. When the clock strikes midnight, the Pavilion's dance floor will turn into a queer kiss-in. However you want to interpret that, go for it. If you want to bring someone to kiss, find someone to kiss, kiss yourself, hug someone, kiss a whole bunch of people, recite a poem about what kissing means to you, kiss your best friend, whatever. 12:00 am = kissin' time


Okay lovelies, that's it.
Now it's up to you.
Call all your friends.
Get them out to the Pavilion.
Let's bring some beautiful queerness to this city and show Mt. Adams a good time!


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Sunday, April 5, 2009


Hello Beautifuls,

Cincinnati got a whole lot queer-er this weekend.
(And by that I mean, a whole lot more wonderful...)

Sully's was marvelous-- a sports bar transformed by 150 fantastic queers into a gender-bending, dance-filled, queer-love haven. It was possibly one of the cheapest nights for queers as well-- no cover, two dollar drinks, a VIP room, and penny drinks for ladies. I spent much of my night interacting with Sully's normal Friday night patrons. Discussing queer-ness in the bathroom with groups of women (he he) and telling guys that slapped my ass and told me to dance more on the bar that they should talk to Sully's about their sexually objectifying policies. Check out for more of a play by play. Next month is already in the works so get ready!

Check out "Stuff Queer People Need to Know" for some pictures of the Kiss-In. It was as if a force-field of queerness was surrounding the 20 or so of us as we kissed next to the fountain. Everything felt so safe and loving-- all of us able to show our affection freely.

Please post your experiences and stories! Get your voices heard!

We're making waves, one awesome party at a time.

lots of love,


Thursday, April 2, 2009


Hello Queer Cincinnati!

This is the moment we've all been waiting for...

What bar will Cincinnati Guerrilla Queer Bar transform into queer-love-dance-land next? Where will we express our identities, loves, and desires while interacting with an unaccustomed public?

drum roll please........................

SULLY'S! 700 Race Street (on the corner of Race and 7th)

I know some of you may be groaning...a little wary of venturing to a sports bar mecca of our city...but I beg you, leave your bias behind and get your cute butt to Sully's on Friday night because this shit is gonna be b.a.n.a.n.a.s.

Listen to these deals we've got going:
1. Tell the people at the door you're with Guerrilla Queer Bar and you'll get in FREE.
2. We will have the VIP room to gather in. Just ask someone to point you in the right direction. The VIP room opens at 9 and has it's own private bar. I've heard the bartender is a cutey.
3. If you get there before 9, your first drink is free.
4. If you say you're part of GQB, you'll get a wrist band that will get you 2 DOLLAR DRINKS between 9 and 11.
5. The DJ starts spinning at 9.
6. From 11-12, it's LADY'S NIGHT, and any "lady" will receive PENNY DRINKS. For serious. Pennies. We'll have to see how broadly they define "lady".

In honor of "lady's night" and Kate Bornstein's inspiring appearance during Xavier's Queer Week:

April's Guerrilla Queer Bar will be.... GENDER-FUCKed!

Break out of your gender box for even just one night! Whatever your comfort level--put on a mustache, get out your sequins, or add a little swagger to that walk! One rule-- have fun and don't be mean! Come in your get up, or put it on in the potty! Boys being girls can use "lady's night" to buy penny drinks for girls being boys! Throw those inhibitions out for a night and explore a new identity! Or--of course-- come as you are, everyone is always welcome!

Let's give Sully's a night to remember!


Forward this message to all your friends. Bring your camera. Get there early to enjoy the drink specials. This is going to be the cheapest night of your life. Drink responsibly. Flirt with cute queers. Mingle with other Sully's patrons. Dance the night away. Show Cincinnati the beauty, strength, and vitality of our Queer community!




there are some wonderful queer events coming up:

1. Same-Sex Kiss-in on Fountain Square-- Saturday the 4th!

2. On Monday, April 6th, Matthew Shepard's mother, Judy will be speaking at UC!

3. There will be a rally at UC on Tuesday to advocate for a full-time LGBTQ staff person!

4. April 18th is the GLSEN PROM at the CAC!

To reply to this message, follow the link below:

Monday, March 30, 2009

Get Ready!!!!

Hello Valiant CGQB-ers,

The April GUERRILLA QUEER BAR is fast approaching.
The anticipation is building!
Where will we spread the queer-love-fantastic next?

Cancel all your previous engagements. Get all your friends to mark it on their calenders. Invite people to the facebook group. It's going to be great.

Things to look forward to: no cover, extremely cheap drinks, tons of cute queers, a new social space to explore, sweaty dancing, showing a normal straight and narrow bar beauty of queer Cincinanti, and more.

Make sure to check your email and facebook Friday morning to find out the top secret location!



ps. ON SATURDAY-- come to the CINCY SAME SEX KISS IN at 8pm on Fountain Square! Check out the facebook event for more info.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Spreading the Love

Hello Guerrilla Queer Bar Compatriots,

If you weren't there, you've probably heard by now that the Lodge Bar on the first Friday was glory beyond glory. We're already planning April's take-over-exploration and it's gonna get better and better, just wait.

A couple of Guerrilla Queer Operatives voiced concern about spreading some of the glory around to more queer establishments as well as having more opportunities to get to know their fellow CGQB-ers. Hence-- another monthly CGQB event has been launched!


Every THIRD FRIDAY, CGQB will SPREAD THE LOVE and have a more informal get together at an under-utilized queer bar. It will be a way to support a diverse network of establishments and have a chance to get to know each other in a less pressure filled environment.

The first SPREAD THE LOVE event will be THIS FRIDAY, March 20th at the SUBWAY LOUNGE, 609 Walnut Street-- across the street from the Aronoff. We'll start early again, so come around 10. They've got a juke box, dance floor, pool tables, miniature bowling, and all your favorite queers will be there! What more are you looking for?

Tell all your friends, mark your calenders!



Saturday, March 7, 2009

3.6.09 -- THE LODGE BAR --

Thank you to every brave and beautiful person who came out last night. You sent waves (big and small) through Cincinnati and I think the Lodge Bar will never quite be the same.

This blog is meant as a space where GQB-ers can make their experience of the bar and the event public. Let the bar know how they did, tell a story from the night, suggest next month's bar, make a complaint, send some love, anything.

Personally, I think the night was a huge success (although we definitely learned some valuable lessons on the organizational end). A couple of things you can expect for the next GQB night:

1. We'll communicate more with the bar ahead of time so we can continue to get deals and preemptively challenge ridiculous policies (that unquestioningly sexualize and objectify women's bodies) like, "only girls get to dance on stage". I know this takes an element of the "guerrilla" out of it, but I think the "guerrilla" is more about the other people in the bar and less about the bar management.
2. We'll set a meeting/congregating section of the bar next time. I heard there were some people who came after we had taken over the dance floor and turned around and left because when they first walked in they didn't see any GQB compatriots.
3. Find out about any possibilities of southern-rock-cover bands ahead of time.
4. The Lodge Bar was a challenging first mission. There aren't many other bars that have dead animals with Bengals helmets on the walls and guys walking around in bear suits!

Although men weren't allowed on stage because, "No one wants to see dicks on stage" and the Bar Staff on the microphone threatened to, "Throw out on the curb", any of the beautiful men that tried to express their bodies on stage, the manager was extremely apologetic and gave us lots of gift certificates (which brought you the deliciously enormous bowls of spiked kool-aid floating around the dance floor). Things also started to feel a little less safe as the night went on and the bar began to be dominated by drunk straight men who were bad at taking, "no" for an answer.

Even with all of that, I think the night was fantastic. There were so many beautiful moments of sexual celebration, interplay, and progress.

Share your experience and suggestions!

Get ready for next month!!!!

Queer-love solidarity,