Thursday, September 3, 2009

September 4th CGQB!!!!!

Dearest Queers--

It's that time again beautifuls, the first Friday has finally arrived. Get out your hot pants, sequins, and paste-on-mustache. Practice your favorite pick up lines. Get ready to party with a purpose!

While fall may be knocking on the door, 200+ Cincinnati queer-cuties will be making the hotness last by injecting some good ol' queer-love into the Queen City.

Where, you may ask? What's the lucky normally straight and all-too-narrow bar that will be transformed, for one night only, into queer-dance-love-fantastic?

can we get a drum-roll please...

On Friday, September 4th, at 9pm, CGQB will be queering:

BLACKFINN (19 East 7th Street)

When you come, tell the bouncer that you're part of GUERRILLA QUEER BAR, and you'll get in FOR FREE. Make your way through the first bar/dining area and come find your favorite queers (and meet some new ones) in the back room (no pun intended) where the club/dance area is. Blackfinn has a semi-loose "dress code". Call them at 513-721-3466 if you have concerns about your outfit, but remember, fabulously fierce is always appropriate.


Now it's up to you, oh Queer Cincinnati! Let's show our city the beauty that is Queer-Love (and have a sloppy-fun time in the process)!

Have no fear, Cincinnati Guerrilla Queer Bar is here!



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