Saturday, October 3, 2009


Hello Dearest Queers--

The time is here! The air is crisp. Scarves (and people) are finding their way out of the closet. Cutie queers are snuggling up all across the Queen City.

But most importantly, Cincinnati is on the verge of yet another glorious injection of queer-love-dance-fantastic!
That's right...
Cincinnati Guerrilla Queer Bar is BACK IN SESSION!!!


For the past 7 months, CGQB has been queering up downtown Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. The city will never be the same! Now it's time to start bringing all the splendid shades of queerness to Cincinnati's neighborhoods!

University of Cincinnati isn't known as an especially queer friendly institution, so in honor of the beginning of the Fall Quarter, Cincinnati Guerrilla Queer Bar will be venturing to Clifton for a special "Queer Bar is Back In Session" edition!

But which bar will have the privilege of CGQB's presence????

ARLIN'S (307 Ludlow Ave)

That's right, tonight, Friday, October 2nd, ARLIN'S will be transformed into a land of queer-fantastic.


We've got an extra raucously-sexy and subtly-political CGQB in store. You won't even know what to do with the amount of queer-revelry happening!

This Queer Bar will be dj-d by Project Mill's ultimately sexy Super Mandy, William Rich, and Joshua Maddie, all of Dance MF fame.

Just think of it-- a straight bar, filled with cute queers and GOOD music! What!?


So here's what you can do: Call all your friends. Get mentally and emotionally prepared for having a ridiculously good-sexy time. Make it a night.

See you soon beautifuls,


ps. If you're looking for some new garments to sexify your queer bar experience (while raising money for NKY Pride!), stop by the Fashion It Forward event before you head over to Arlins:

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