Monday, November 2, 2009

Ready, Set, QUEER!!!

Dearest Cinciqueers--

We hope you had a gloriously queer and deliciously irreverent Halloween. Rest well this week, because THIS FRIDAY brings you some even MORE fantastic queer revelry. That's right-- Friday, November 6th, Cincinnati Guerrilla Queer Bar will strike again! Mark your calenders, clear the whole night (and probably the next morning), and call all your friends. Make sure to check your inboxes Friday morning for the top secret location!


ps. For the spring chickens (under 21ers) among us-- CGQB ♥ 's you. You are beautiful, lovely, super-duper-queer, and we always want to include you in our Guerrilla Queerings, but there's a chance that the location for Friday night will be hard to swing for the young-ones among us (although there's no hurt in trying!). If anyone closer to the sunrise-of-life wants to organize their own under-21 guerrilla queering, let us know and we'll announce it along with the rest!

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