Friday, February 5, 2010

Tonight's the Night!

Dearest Queer Lovelies and Lovers--

The first Friday is upon us!
It's time for everyone's favorite Queen City Queer Party!
Get ready to transform a straight bar into a glorious land of queer brilliance for one night!


Tonight -- FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 5TH -- marks our 11 th CGQB, so lets make our presence known!! Bring your beautiful self, bring your friends, bring your brother, bring your sister, bring all the queers and queer-lovin’ lovers you know!

But what bar are with gracing with our fantastic queerness????
Are you ready for the big reveal!?!?


MOLLY MALONE’S (112 E. Fourth St. | Covington KY 41011)

What you can expect:
1. All your favorite queers packed into this fantastic Northern Kentucky bar from 9pm on!
2. No cover!
3. Deliciously cheap CGQB drink specials!
4. The hottest queer dance party in town dj-d by our very own DJ Gaze-x.

What you should do:
1. Get overwhelmed with excitement
2. Call everyone you know and make it a date
3. WEAR SOMETHING GREEN! (it's how we'll spot our fellow CGQB-ers)
4. Get some beauty sleep because you're going to need all the energy you can get

see you tonight <3


ps. Next month is CGQB's FIRST BIRTHDAY! Get ready for a Guerrilla Queering for the history books...

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