Thursday, August 5, 2010

Here We Go!

Dearest Cincinnati Queers and Queer-Lovers,

CGQB is here! Tomorrow night, Friday April 6th, we are pleased to bring you a special edition of Cincinnati Guerrilla Queer Bar:


Yup that's right, we're going to be getting down, dirty, hot, bothered, and away from it all-- all at once. But where will this madness take place?

* (drum roll please)

the one and the only:
860 Elm Street (Rt. 8) Ludlow, KY

We know some of you may be saying, "what! a yacht club!? but i'm scared to go to a place that has 'redneck yacht club' for their myspace song!"
Here's what we've got to say to that:
1. We are too.
2. Who cares!? That's what CGQB is all about! Strength in numbers! Let's go have a good time by the river and spread some queer-dance-love-fantastic!

We also know some of you may be saying, "but that's far away!"
and here's what we've got to say to that:
1. If you've ever made the trek out to Adonis, stop your complaining! This is closer to downtown.
2. Stop your complaining in general! Get creative-- car pool, find a designated driver, convince your cousin to drive you there and find a ride home, bring the whole family and make an evening out of it!

We've heard that sunsets on the patio overlooking the river are beautiful and that the Yacht Club serves some delicious food, so come on out early for some queer-staycation-dinner!

Call all your friends, make it a date, and get ready for some good ol' queer-lovin'.


PS. Remember-- strength in numbers! If you think you see a lonely queer walking around by themselves, say hi and make a friend!

PPS. 18 + for sure if you come early.

PPPS. You can arrive BY BOAT!! What!?

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How was this month's CGQB for you? Any stories, complaints, or favorite moments? Suggestions? Reflections? How did the bar do? Any requests for next month?