Friday, July 1, 2011

•¤**¤• JuLy's GuErRiLla QuEeR BaR.•¤**¤•

CGQB is coming! CGQB is coming!

This Friday, July 1st, Cincinnati Guerrilla Queer Bar will once again be gracing Cincinnati with a night full of celebratory queerness in all shapes and sizes and fashions.

But what's that you say? Which prideful bar bar will we be setting a blaze with queer love tonight...



SIMON SAYS – 428 Walnut Street Downtown Cincinnati

That's right... in honor of July CGQB is going all pride-full on your cute butt and heading to the gay bars

What you can expect:
1. All your favorite queers packed into one of the oldest gay bars in the city.
2. No cover!
3. Deliciously cheap CGQB drink special
4. The midpoint indie music series featuring The Pomegranates will be taking place on the Square so stop and take a listen on your way.

What you should do:
1. Get overwhelmed with excitement
2. Call everyone you know and make it a date
3. Get some beauty sleep because you're going to need all the energy you can get

See you on the dance floor!
♥ and kisses,

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  1. When will the one for August be? anxious :)


How was this month's CGQB for you? Any stories, complaints, or favorite moments? Suggestions? Reflections? How did the bar do? Any requests for next month?