Monday, March 16, 2009

Spreading the Love

Hello Guerrilla Queer Bar Compatriots,

If you weren't there, you've probably heard by now that the Lodge Bar on the first Friday was glory beyond glory. We're already planning April's take-over-exploration and it's gonna get better and better, just wait.

A couple of Guerrilla Queer Operatives voiced concern about spreading some of the glory around to more queer establishments as well as having more opportunities to get to know their fellow CGQB-ers. Hence-- another monthly CGQB event has been launched!


Every THIRD FRIDAY, CGQB will SPREAD THE LOVE and have a more informal get together at an under-utilized queer bar. It will be a way to support a diverse network of establishments and have a chance to get to know each other in a less pressure filled environment.

The first SPREAD THE LOVE event will be THIS FRIDAY, March 20th at the SUBWAY LOUNGE, 609 Walnut Street-- across the street from the Aronoff. We'll start early again, so come around 10. They've got a juke box, dance floor, pool tables, miniature bowling, and all your favorite queers will be there! What more are you looking for?

Tell all your friends, mark your calenders!



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