Monday, March 30, 2009

Get Ready!!!!

Hello Valiant CGQB-ers,

The April GUERRILLA QUEER BAR is fast approaching.
The anticipation is building!
Where will we spread the queer-love-fantastic next?

Cancel all your previous engagements. Get all your friends to mark it on their calenders. Invite people to the facebook group. It's going to be great.

Things to look forward to: no cover, extremely cheap drinks, tons of cute queers, a new social space to explore, sweaty dancing, showing a normal straight and narrow bar beauty of queer Cincinanti, and more.

Make sure to check your email and facebook Friday morning to find out the top secret location!



ps. ON SATURDAY-- come to the CINCY SAME SEX KISS IN at 8pm on Fountain Square! Check out the facebook event for more info.

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